Mini Minecraft

A 3D world exploration and alteration program based on Minecraft. Collaborated in a group of 3 team members; I was responsible for implementing efficient terrain rendering and chunking using interleaved VBOs, texturing with normal mapping and texture animation, a post-process camera overlay effect using frame buffers, an atmospheric effect using color interpolation based on distance, an onscreen GUI/inventory system that allows users to collect and place blocks, and sound effects based on player movement and time of day. Features I plan to implement in the future include shadow mapping, a crafting system, and weather effects (rain, snow) using billboards and particle instancing. Built using C++ and GLSL/OpenGL.

OpenGL Shaders

Coded a variety of OpenGL vertex and fragment shaders to apply different coloration effects and post-processing effects to the surfaces of 3D models. Built using C++ and GLSL/OpenGL.

Mini Maya

Coded a simple mesh editing program; functions supported include subdivision, extrusion, vertex manipulation, and shader-based skin deformation. Built using C++ and GLSL/OpenGL.

Meetup App

A web app that allows users to plan and record meetups or events. Users can view each others' profiles, add and remove friends, and choose from a list of users to add to a meetup. Users can view meetups in a calendar and add images to meetups, which can be viewed in a gallery. Built using Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and Handlebars.